Patriots News · XC Runner State Bound

It was back in March when Josh Nunn learned his Junior Track season would be lost due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19. He could have sat around, but that’s not what Josh Nunn does. He runs. So what did he do? Well, he ran! Josh trained himself all spring and summer long. Why? For moments like today. Josh finished strong in 3rd place with a time of 16:33 at the 2020 Class 5 District 7 Championships. The highest individual placer and first state qualifier since Alumni Cole Rockhold (2013) accomplished similar feats. Josh had written down on his goals months ago to be in the Top 5 at this meet. Today, his dreams became a reality. All the miles and hard work paid off for this runner. Josh hope to check off another goal from his fabulous Senior campaign by becoming the first all-state runner since Cole Rockhold finished 5th in 2013.  Josh will run next week at the Gans Creek State Course on Saturday.