Patriots News · A runner finds new success

We had a chance to catch up with 1st year runner, Sophomore Tania Olah this week to see how her experience in XC is going this season. Tania just had a breakout performance running a 22:30 5k at the Warrensburg Invite.


1. In your first year of running XC, what have you enjoyed the most about competing?

I enjoy the support that everyone gives you. Your team and coaches are always cheering you on, so are all of our teammates’ parents.
2. XC training can be brutal and challenging, what has been the most challenging parts of XC this year for you?
The most challenging part about it all is pushing myself to keep going.
3. How is your training going so far this year?
 I have never trained with a team like I do with this team before. In the beginning, I struggled a lot with stopping or pushing myself to go faster. I would wake up and know I have to run today, even if I didn’t feel like it. Six days a week…only Wednesday off. It never is easy, but it gets easier as you go. I really enjoy practice, it makes me better.
4. This XC team has often been called more of a running family than a team of runners, what does that mean to you and your teammates?
 They are literally your chosen family. You spend about everyday with them, in and out of practice. We got to know and understand each other. You could be the last person to run through the finish line and you will still hear them screaming your name at the top of their lungs cheering you on. They will be there to: catch you when you can’t run anymore, motivate you when you feel like giving up, notice when you’re not okay, share their last snack or ounce of water with you, and always have your back. They leave no person behind and don’t judge. I have never loved a group of people so much like I do this team.
5. You ran a breakout PR race of 22:30 at your last race. How did you accomplish that in such a short time?

I changed my mindset and built more confidence. I said to myself that “when things get hard, you need to push harder”. I have potential and know I am capable of big things, but it was time for me to prove it to myself. I think that’s what I did at my last meet. I ran until I couldn’t feel my legs, and I will continue to do so.

6. What are your goals for the District race coming up and what are you plan of attack in your training to achieve your goal?
There is a lot of raw talent in the runners I have raced against, so my goal for Districts is to be in the top 25. I hope to be in the top 10 next year. I can achieve this as long as I continue to put the time and effort into practice to become better.