Patriots News · XC team changing mindset

As the Truman Cross Country teams head to Turner High School on Wednesday to compete midweek on a tough course, we had a chance to catch up with Junior John Crump about how the season is going so far.
As a distance runner, what do you think is the most challenging part of your sport that most people don’t know about running XC?
– The little things. Don’t get me wrong, running itself is hard, and pushing yourself everyday is a huge challenge, but the effect it has on your body after the fact, the little things you have to do to preserve yourself, and the fatigue, are the things most people don’t see, even though they may be the most influential.
How’s your season going after these first two meets for you individually and the boy’s team?
– Things are going incredibly well, winning the city championship was a great way to start off the season to give us a healthy morale boost, but finishing second to Ray-Pec at the Cass County invite was maybe even better for the team. I think it really proved to all of us on the team that we can rely on each other, and that for the first time in years and years, Truman has a cohesive team.
Does the early success of the team this year build confidence in you and others? What does that feel like for you all as a group?
– Absolutely, 100%. I think overall we’ve been not only meeting our goals of success but exceeding them. And with this comes a lot of excitement and passion for the entire team to push ourselves to the limit this year and really see how far we can go, especially now that we know we have the tools to do so.
What are you focusing on most in your training and racing this week?
– In training, just making sure to do the little things right, and mentally preparing myself to race for the weekend, so in a way preserving myself, and on the topic of racing, focusing on confidence to go out and do what I’ve worked to do throughout the summer and early season.
How is the team coming together and what are you most excited about with your teammates this season?
– I think the team is coming together amazingly this year because of our early success and a new mindset of real commitment and hard work that hasn’t been present at Truman in some time sadly. I couldn’t be more excited this year to go with my teammates to some of the bigger meets that we’ve never been able to really compete at and do just that, especially at conference, and hopefully even the district meet.