Patriots News · XC boy’s 2nd place to state champions

The Patriot XC teams were in an unusual position at the start of the race this past weekend as they lined up in Box 1 on the inside line of the course at the Cass County Invitational meet. The runners have all been trained to “get out” fast but relaxed in every training run involving intervals. This race however, especially on the boy’s side, was about trying to match the 2019 state champions in Ray Pec. Find a gold ray pec jersey. Sit on that runner’s hip and don’t let go. One runner in particular did this in a superb race by hanging on in a battle for the team title. Kolby Cook ran with Ray Pec’s 3,4, and 5 runners as the 4th man for the patriots to give Truman a chance at the win but Ray Pec had a strong finish from their #1 runner as he took the 1st overall spot. Truman was led by top 10 medalists Josh Nunn 6th overall, and Jack Getman 8th overall. They were followed by John Crump and then aforementioned 4th runner, junior Kolby Cook. Freshman Caleb Nunn rounded out the scoring for the team as the 5th runner.

On the girl’s side, a trio of Varsity runners Molly McClung, Jewelia Nichol and Jayda Cisco all finished in the top 25 for the patriot’s who were without a Varsity team score this meet but will look to keep training through the season in building for the conference meet.

Overall, this is the first runner up finish for a team for Truman High School at a invitational meet since Coach Summers arrival in 2015.