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A Patriot Aiming Higher – Story of a Pole Vaulter

The decision came after his freshman year when one day, he approached the pole vault coach at Truman about the event. Sam Day decided to become a pole vaulter. Nearly a year later and after a spring season canceled from the books due to COVID 19, he finally got his chance to show his stuff in the pole vault. The now Junior spent nearly a year of his time focused on training and learning how to pole vault before this moment of competition. On July 2nd, at the ISD Track and Field meet, he would show everyone just how far he has come with the event. Jumping a new PR of 11ft at the meet after a few weeks back to training from the COVID stay at home order. “I felt pretty good about how I jumped, it boosted my confidence with pole vault, and I thought it was a good starting point to build off of” – Sam Day after his first official competition wearing his school Truman colors.
According to his coach, Sam is very dedicated to the event and showing progress moving forward into the start of his Junior year. “Sam has a lot of qualities that apply well to the pole vault physically, but most importantly is his desire to want to be great at the event. That comes from within. I believe Sam when he says he’s going to do something because he is very dedicated to his goals.” Sam takes it one day at a time, not overwhelmed by any pressure or failure. Instead, he focuses on what he needs to improve each practice. “Currently, I am working on my plant right now, and once I get that down, I will move on to the end part of the vault, or finishing.” His coach agrees that he is on the right track so far. “It takes time, an incredible amount of time to reach a point of perfection with the plant and take off, but he’s (Sam) very capable of achieving that kind of technique. Once Sam gets that down, he will learn the timing of finishing his jumps. The symptom of the finish is always what is going on before that point. So there is a steep learning curve.” – Coach Summers. Sam continues to move forward with hopes of his first full season next spring in his Junior season. “My goals for next year would be to get used to pole vault and get more comfortable vaulting. I would also like to clear 14 feet in a meet.” Hopefully, in his first year of a full season this spring, he can continue to show himself and others just how high he can fly.